Der Ausflug (The Getaway)

9:10 min, 16mm, Stereo, 2007


The movie is an illustration of a self-fulfilling prophecy: A young couple meets for a romantic going-to-the-lake date. The two do not really know each other and have rather different expectations from one another. The young woman wants to swim and sunbathe, expecting her date to provide for attention and entertainment. He, on his hand, takes her presence for granted, - arrives late and behaves, unintentionally, rude by airing his views on the ‘impossibility of love in today’s late capitalism’, the topic of an essay he will keep on working during the whole afternoon, while neglecting her. Quite soon she starts feeling shut off by his aloofness. She goes alone for a swim and lies sunbathing for what seems to be an eternity. He still seems immersed in the billion books he brought over, which sheer presence already signals the date disaster. As the dusk looms over the lake landscape he finally notices her absence, and, unable to locate her, launches himself on a swim search. Yet, by then she has already started to walk back to the spot where they first stopped. There, she just dresses up, packs, and bikes away, – fullfilling the subject of his essay.