Gedenktafel für die Verlierer der Wiedervereinigung (Memorial for the Losers of the Reunification)

91cm x 107cm, bronze, 2013



After the Berlin wall fell, in 1989, the economical conversion of the now defunct DDR was accomplished virtually overnight. The citizens of the former east were ill-equipped to deal with the liberalization of the housing market. Living in a Socialist country means not having access to capital, and the DDR’s pensions proved meagre when having to live up to West German living costs. As vast swathes of real estate were sold off to investors, most citizens of the former East were prized out of their homes.

Memorial for the Losers of the Reunification is a commemorative bronze plate reminiscent of the former east tradition – inspired by the remaining socialist memorials like the five part memorial “Befreiung” by Günter Schütz, which is installed over the Schönhauser Allee bridge– meant as a memorial for all our lost neighbours, for all the aging workers and pensioners, who were replaced by the dapper families and sleek professionals that now populate East Berlin.